BEST4Hy focuses on the development and validation of existing and novel recycling processes for 2 key FCH products: PEMFC and SOFC.

In particular two existing processes will be developed to TRL 5: one on PEMFC and one on SOFC; two novel recycling techniques will be developed and validated at TRL 5 on PEMFC precious materials. In addition, one novel PEM dismantling process will reach TRL5 and one novel SOFC recycling technology will be proved at TRL3.

At the end of the processes, the materials will be validated in terms of quality and performance when re-used in new components and in new stacks, demonstrating the overall efficiency of recycling.

Re-manufacturing of new cells / stacks will include:

  • min 30% of recycled critical raw materials (Ni, YSZ and LSC) in SOFC cells manufacturing.

  • min 95% of Platinum and 70% of Ionomer in the manufacturing of PEMs stacks.

A proof of concept for recovery of Iridium and Palladium from PEMWE with novel technologies developed for PEMS will be investigated